Staffordshire bull terrier

Staffordshire bull terrier
one of an English breed of strong, stocky, muscular dogs having a broad skull and a smooth coat, in combinations of red, white, black, or blue, originally raised for bullbaiting and later dogfighting, but now bred as a companion dog.

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▪ breed of dog
      breed of terrier developed in 19th-century England for fighting other dogs (dog) in pits. The breed was created by crossing the bulldog, then a longer-legged and more agile dog, with a terrier, possibly the fox terrier or one of the old breeds known as the white English and the black-and-tan terriers. Once known by such names as bull-and-terrier, half and half, and pit bull terrier, the Staffordshire bull terrier is a stocky, muscular, and unusually strong dog standing 14 to 16 inches (36 to 41 cm), with an average weight of about 28 to 38 pounds (13 to 17 kg). It has a broad chest, broad head, and a short muzzle; its ears fold over at the tips and are not cropped. Its coat is stiff and short and may be red, fawn, white, black, or blue or any of these colours with white, any shade of brindle, or any shade of brindle with white. It is an ancestor of the somewhat-larger American Staffordshire terrier, which it closely resembles. See also pit bull terrier; bull terrier.

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