sonic boom

sonic boom
a loud noise caused by the shock wave generated by an aircraft moving at supersonic speed.

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      shock wave that is produced by an aircraft or other object flying at a speed equal to or exceeding the speed of sound and that is heard on the ground as a sound like a clap of thunder.

      When an aircraft travels at subsonic speed, the pressure disturbances, or sounds, that it generates extend in all directions. Because this disturbance is transmitted earthward continuously to every point along the path, there are no sharp disturbances or changes of pressure. At supersonic speeds, however, the pressure field is confined to a region extending mostly to the rear and extending from the craft in a restricted widening cone (called a Mach cone). As the aircraft proceeds, the trailing parabolic edge of that cone of disturbance intercepts the Earth, producing on Earth a sound of a sharp bang or boom. When such an aircraft flies at a low altitude, the shock wave may be of sufficient intensity to cause glass breakage and other damage. The intensity of the sonic boom is determined not only by the distance between the craft and the ground but also by the size and shape of the aircraft, the types of maneuvers that it makes, and the atmospheric pressure, temperature, and winds. If the aircraft is especially long, double sonic booms might be detected, one emanating from the leading edge of the plane and one from the trailing edge.

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