/soh'leuh fluk"sheuhn, sol'euh-/, n. Geol.
creep (def. 17a).
[1915-20; < L sol(um) soil + -i- -I- + fluction- a flowing (s. of fluctio), equiv. to fluct(us) (see FLUCTUATE) + -ion- -ION]

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  • solifluction — [säl΄ə fluk′ shən, sō΄lifluk′shən] n. a more rapid form of soil creep, often found near a glacier, in which saturated soil slips over hard or frozen layers …   English World dictionary

  • Solifluction — In geology, solifluction, also known as soil fluction or soil creep , is a type of mass wasting where waterlogged sediment slowly moves downslope over impermeable material. It can occur in any climate where the ground is saturated by water,… …   Wikipedia

  • solifluction — solifluxion ou, moins bien, solifluction [sɔliflyksjɔ̃] n. f. ÉTYM. Av. 1923 (Larousse); angl. solifluction (1906, Andersson); du lat. solum « sol », et fluctio « écoulement ». ❖ ♦ Géol. Glissement du s …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • solifluction sheet —    A broad deposit of nonsorted, water saturated, locally derived material that is moving or has moved downslope, en masse. Stripes are commonly associated with solifluction sheets.    Compare: stripe.    NRC …   Glossary of landform and geologic terms

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  • solifluction —   a mass movement of soil in periglacial areas when upper layers thaw in summer and are lubricated in comparison to the permafrost below …   Geography glossary

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