/sil"veuhr fish'/, n., pl. (esp. collectively) silverfish, (esp. referring to two or more kinds or species) silverfishes.
1. a white or silvery goldfish, Carassius auratus.
2. any of various other silvery fishes, as the tarpon, silversides, or shiner.
3. a wingless, silvery-gray thysanuran insect, Lepisma saccharina, that feeds on starch, damaging books, wallpaper, etc.
[1695-1705; SILVER + FISH]

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Species (Lepisma saccharina) of quick-moving, slender, flat, wingless insect having three tail bristles and silvery scales.

Silverfish are found worldwide. Females deposit fertilized eggs in cracks and hidden places. The hatched young are scaleless and have short appendages. Silverfish normally live indoors and, because they eat starchy materials (e.g., paste, bookbindings, and wallpaper), can cause much damage. They live two to three years and molt throughout life.

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