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  • self-punitive — adj …   Useful english dictionary

  • punitive — pu‧ni‧tive [ˈpjuːntɪv] adjective 1. intended to punish someone: • The court can impose punitive measures. 2. TAX punitive taxes, price increases etc are very high and it is difficult for people to pay them: • Punitive taxes on energy are likely… …   Financial and business terms

  • Self-policing — Self policing, a form of Self regulation, is the process whereby an organization is asked, or volunteers, to monitor its own adherence to legal, ethical, or safety standards, rather than have an outside, independent agency such as a governmental… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-injury — ] Non fatal self harm is common in young people worldwide [cite journal|author=Schmidtke A, et al.|year=1996|title=Attempted suicide in Europe: rates, trends and sociodemographic characteristics of suicide attempters during the period… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-harm — This article focuses on repetitive self harm, not on severe self harm inflicted during psychosis. For forms of self harm related to body image, sexuality and wartime, see Body modification, Algolagnia and Self inflicted wound respectively. Self… …   Wikipedia

  • Adam Aptowitzer — is the former Ontario chairman of B nai Brith Canada’s Institute for International Affairs. He was forced to resign due to comments he made on a television show. Aptowitzer was widely criticized after he made statements on the October 19, 2004… …   Wikipedia

  • punitively — Ⅰ. punitive UK US /ˈpjuːnətɪv/ adjective ► used to describe costs that are so high they are difficult to pay, and that are often used to punish someone or limit their activities: »The President has threatened to impose punitive import duties on a …   Financial and business terms

  • United States — a republic in the N Western Hemisphere comprising 48 conterminous states, the District of Columbia, and Alaska in North America, and Hawaii in the N Pacific. 267,954,767; conterminous United States, 3,022,387 sq. mi. (7,827,982 sq. km); with… …   Universalium

  • Child discipline — is the set of rules, rewards and punishments administered to teach self control, increase desirable behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviors in children. In its most general sense, discipline refers to systematic instruction given to a… …   Wikipedia

  • china — /chuy neuh/, n. 1. a translucent ceramic material, biscuit fired at a high temperature, its glaze fired at a low temperature. 2. any porcelain ware. 3. plates, cups, saucers, etc., collectively. 4. figurines made of porcelain or ceramic material …   Universalium

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