satin glass

satin glass
an American art glassware having colored glass set into indentations in a thickness of opaque glass, the whole covered with clear glass and etched slightly with acid. Also called mother-of-pearl glass.

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      in the decorative arts, glass with a dull matte finish achieved by immersion in hydrofluoric or other abrasive acid. In the 19th century the process was synonymous with “frosting” and was a technique associated especially with the fancy art glass produced in the United States in the latter part of the century. One example of satin glass is matte-finished peachblow glass. Satin glass was made, in particular, by Hobbs, Brockunier & Company of Wheeling, W.Va.; at the Mount Washington Glass Works of New Bedford, Mass.; and at the New England Glass Company of East Cambridge, Mass. Similar glass was made in England and on the European continent during the same period. The translucent quality of satin glass made it especially desirable for use in lampshades; a form of satin glass still has a universal practical use in “pearl,” or frosted, light bulbs.

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