roche moutonnée

roche moutonnée
/rohsh" mooht'n ay"/; Fr. /rddawsh mooh taw nay"/, Geol.
a rounded, glacially eroded rock outcrop, usually one of a group, resembling a sheep's back. Also called sheepback rock.
[1835-45; < F: glaciated rock, lit., fleecy rock]

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French“fleecy rock”English  sheepback , or  sheep rock 

      glaciated bedrock surface, usually in the form of rounded knobs. The upstream side of a roche moutonnée has been subjected to glacial scouring that has produced a gentle, polished, and striated slope; the downstream side has been subjected to glacial plucking that has resulted in a steep, irregular, and jagged slope. The ridges dividing the upstream and downstream slopes are therefore perpendicular to the general flow direction of the former ice mass.

      A crag and tail is distinguished from a roche moutonnée by the presence of an elongate, tapered ridge of till extending downstream. Often produced by selective erosion of softer strata, roche moutonnée landscapes are characteristic of glaciated crystalline shield areas.

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