/ri zawr"seuh nawl', -nol', rez awr"-/, n. Chem., Pharm.
a white, needlelike, water-soluble solid, C6H6O2, a benzene derivative originally obtained from certain resins, now usually synthesized: used chiefly in making dyes, as a reagent, in tanning, in the synthesis of certain resins, and in medicine in treating certain skin conditions; meta-dihydroxybenzene.
Also, resorcin.
[1880-85; RES(IN) + ORCINOL]

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also called  m-dihydroxybenzene 

      phenolic compound used in the manufacture of resins, plastics, dyes, medicine, and numerous other organic chemical compounds. It is produced in large quantities by sulfonating benzene with fuming sulfuric acid and fusing the resulting benzenedisulfonic acid with caustic soda. Reaction with formaldehyde produces resins used to make rayon and nylon amenable to impregnation with rubber, and as adhesives. As a chemical intermediate, resorcinol is converted to dyes, explosives, and pharmaceuticals; it is also employed in photographic developers and cosmetics. In medicine it is used externally in ointments and lotions as an antifungal.

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