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  • Water supply and sanitation in the Dominican Republic — Drinking water quality Various factors affect the water quality in the Dominican Republic, including: poor condition of purification systems, minimal operational controls, low level of maintenance of treatment plants, and mostly intermittent… …   Wikipedia

  • Li romans d'Alixandre — The Roman d Alexandre , from the Old French Li romans d Alixandre (English: Romance of Alexander ), is a massive (16,000 versesHasenohr, 1306.] ) twelfth century (sometime after 1177Medieval Alexander Project at the University of Rochester.] )… …   Wikipedia

  • Tito, Josip Broz — orig. Josip Broz born May 7, 1892, Kumrovec, near Zagreb, Croatia, Austria Hungary died May 4, 1980, Ljubljana, Yugos. Yugoslav politician, premier (1945–53), and president (1953–80). Born to a peasant family, he fought in the Austro Hungarian… …   Universalium

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