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  • antically — adverb see antic II …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • antic — antically, adv. /an tik/, n., adj., v., anticked, anticking. n. 1. Usually, antics. a. a playful trick or prank; caper. b. a grotesque, fantastic, or ludicrous gesture, act, or posture. 2. Archaic. a. an actor in a grotesque or ridiculous… …   Universalium

  • antic — I. noun Etymology: Italian antico ancient thing or person, from antico ancient, from Latin antiquus more at antique Date: 1529 1. an attention drawing often wildly playful or funny act or action ; caper < childish antics > 2. archaic …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Twain, Mark — orig. Samuel Langhorne Clemens born Nov. 30, 1835, Florida, Mo., U.S. died April 21, 1910, Redding, Conn. U.S. humorist, writer, and lecturer. He grew up in Hannibal, Mo., on the Mississippi River. At age 13 he was apprenticed to a local printer …   Universalium

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