/puy'reuh fil"uyt, puy rof"euh luyt'/, n.
Mineral. a phyllosilicate, AlSi2O5(OH), usually having a white or greenish color, and occurring in either foliated or compact masses, the latter variety being used like soapstone.
[1820-30; < G Pyrophyllit; so called because it exfoliates when heated. See PYRO-, -PHYLL, -ITE1]

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      very soft, pale-coloured silicate mineral, hydrated aluminum silicate, Al2(OH)2 Si4O10, that is the main constituent of some schistose rocks. The most extensive commercial deposits are in North Carolina, but pyrophyllite is also mined in California, China, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and South Africa. Talclike foliated masses occur in the Urals, in Switzerland, and in other localities.

      Pyrophyllite has long been used in slate pencils and tailor's chalk and was carved by the ancient Chinese into small images and ornaments. It has good insulating properties, and because it does not become fluid when fired, it is more useful than talc in refractory applications.

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