/preuh sesh"euh nl/, adj.
1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a procession.
2. of the nature of a procession; moving in an orderly or regular succession, sequence, or the like.
3. of a style, design, etc., customarily used in processions: processional regalia.
4. sung or played during a procession, as a hymn, march, etc.
5. a piece of music, as a hymn or slow march, suitable for accompanying a procession.
6. a book containing hymns, litanies, etc., for use in religious processions.
[1400-50; (n.) late ME: service book < ML processionale, n. use of neut. of processionalis in a procession; (adj.) < ML processionalis; see PROCESSION, -AL2, -AL1]

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