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  • prechordal — adjective In front of the notochord …   Wiktionary

  • prechordal — SYN: prochordal. * * * pre·chord·al .prē kȯrd əl adj situated anterior to the notochord * * * pre·chor·dal (pre korґdəl) situated cranial to the notochord; called also prochordal …   Medical dictionary

  • prechordal — pre·chordal …   English syllables

  • prechordal — (ˈ)prē+ adjective Etymology: pre + chordal : anterior to the notochord used especially of the trabeculae of an embryonic cranium …   Useful english dictionary

  • prechordal cartilages — embryonic cranial elements medial to the optic capsules …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • prechordal plate — axial hypoblast located anterior to the chorda mesoderm …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • prechordal plate — prochordal plate thickened endoderm, cephalad of the notochord, that combines with ectoderm to become the oropharyngeal membrane …   Medical dictionary

  • animal development — Introduction  the processes that lead eventually to the formation of a new animal starting from cells derived from one or more parent individuals. Development thus occurs following the process by which a new generation of organisms is produced by …   Universalium

  • plate — 1. [TA] In anatomy, a thin, relative flat, structure. SYN: lamina [TA]. 2. A metal bar perforated for screws applied to a fractured bone to maintain the ends in apposition. 3. The agar layer within a Petri dish or similar …   Medical dictionary

  • prochordal — Located cephalic to the notochord. SYN: prechordal. * * * pro·chor·dal (pro korґdəl) prechordal …   Medical dictionary

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