Peter the Hermit

Peter the Hermit
c1050-1115, French monk: preacher of the first Crusade 1095-99. Also called Peter of Amiens.

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born с 1050, probably Amiens
died July 8, 1115, Huy, Flanders

French ascetic and one of the most important preachers of the First Crusade.

A charismatic ascetic, he preached widely in Europe in support of the First Crusade and led his enthusiastic followers to Constantinople in 1096. They advanced to Nicomedia, but Peter was unable to maintain discipline; he returned to Constantinople to ask for help from Alexius I, and in his absence his army was annihilated by the Turks. Peter reached Jerusalem in 1099 and afterwards returned to France, where he became prior of an Augustinian monastery.

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▪ French ascetic
French  Pierre l'Ermite  
born c. 1050, probably Amiens, France
died July 8, 1115, Neufmoustier, near Huy, Flanders [now in Belgium]
 ascetic and monastic founder, considered one of the most important preachers of the First Crusade (Crusades). He was also, with Walter Sansavoir, one of the leaders of the so-called People's Crusade, which arrived in the East before the main armies of the First Crusade.

      Peter reputedly visited the Holy Land about 1093. When Pope Urban II proclaimed the Crusade at the Council of Clermont (Clermont, Council of) in November 1095, Peter began his preaching, traveling from Berry (in central France) across Champagne and down the Meuse valley to Cologne and thence (May 1096) leading his enthusiastic followers across Europe to Constantinople. On August 6 the Crusaders advanced to Nicomedia (modern Izmir, Turkey). Unable to maintain discipline, Peter soon returned to Constantinople to seek help from the Byzantine emperor, Alexius I (Alexius I Comnenus). In his absence, most of his army was annihilated (October 21) by the Turks. He waited in Constantinople until the princely expeditions from western Europe were finally assembled there (May 1097) and accompanied them southeastward across Anatolia. In Antioch he became discouraged by the hardships attending the Crusaders' siege in October and deserted the enterprise (January 1098). He was captured and returned to the Crusade, where he begged forgiveness for his loss of faith.

      At last having reached Jerusalem, Peter was appointed almoner of the Christian army in spring 1099. He preached a sermon on the Mount of Olives shortly before the storming of Jerusalem in July, and he conducted processions there in August. He returned to Europe in 1100, becoming prior of the Augustinian monastery of Neufmoustier, which he founded.

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