/par"euh fin/, n.
1. a white or colorless, tasteless, odorless, water-insoluble, solid substance not easily acted upon by reagents, consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbons chiefly of the alkane series, obtained from crude petroleum: used in candles, for forming preservative coatings and seals, for waterproofing paper, etc.
2. Chem.
a. any member of the alkane series.
b. one of the higher members of the alkane series, solid at ordinary temperatures, having a boiling point above 300°C, which largely constitutes the commercial form of this substance.
3. Also called paraffin oil. Brit. kerosene.
4. to cover or impregnate with paraffin.
[1830-40; < G < L par(um) barely + aff(inis) connected + -IN2; so called from its slight affinity for other substances; see AFFINITY]

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Paraffin wax, a mixture of organic compounds traditionally derived from petroleum but also obtained synthetically.

It usually consists of alkane hydrocarbons (also called paraffins) and is used for coating and sealing, for candles, and in floor waxes, lubricants, waterproofing agents, and cosmetics. See also alkane.

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