nuée ardente

nuée ardente
Fr. /nyuu ay annrdd dahonnt"/, pl. nuées ardentes Fr. /nyuu ay zannrdd dahonnt"/. Geol.
(in a volcanic eruption) a swiftly flowing, dense cloud of hot gases, ashes, and lava fragments.
[1900-05; < F: lit., burning cloud]

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(French; "fiery or glowing cloud")

Highly destructive, incandescent mass of gas-enveloped particles that is associated with volcanic eruptions.

These glowing avalanches, as they are sometimes called, can move down even slight inclines at speeds as high as 100 mph (160 kph). The temperature of the gases can reach 1,100–1,300 °F (600–700 °C). Nuées ardentes are exceedingly destructive, killing all living things in their path. Most occur in the circum-Pacific region known as the Ring of Fire. See also tuff.

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French“glowing cloud”

      highly destructive, fast-moving, incandescent mass of gas-enveloped particles that is associated with certain types of volcanic (volcano) eruptions. See pyroclastic flow.

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