/noj"oohl/, n.
1. a small node, knot, or knob.
2. a small, rounded mass or lump.
3. Bot. a tubercle.
[1590-1600; < L nodulus a little knot, equiv. to nod(us) NODE + -ulus -ULE]

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In geology, a rounded mineral concretion that is distinct from, and may be separated from, the formation in which it occurs.

Nodules usually are elongated and have a knobby irregular surface; they are generally oriented parallel to the bedding. Chert and flint, clay ironstone, and phosphorites commonly occur as nodules. Manganese-rich nodules are found on the ocean floor.

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      rounded mineral concretion that is distinct from, and may be separated from, the formation in which it occurs. Nodules commonly are elongate with a knobby irregular surface; they usually are oriented parallel to the bedding.

      Chert (chert and flint) and flint often occur as dense and structureless nodules of nearly pure silica in limestone or chalk, where they seem to be replacements of the carbonate rock by silica. Clay ironstone, a mixture of clay and siderite (iron carbonate), sometimes occurs as layers of dark-gray to brown, fine-grained nodules overlying coal seams. Phosphorites (phosphorite), massive phosphate rocks, often occur in phosphate deposits, in some limestones and chalks, and on the present sea bottom as black, fine-grained, and dense nodules with an elliptical shape and no structure.

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