/nee'oh klas"euh siz'euhm/, n.
1. (often cap.) Archit. the trend or movement prevailing in the architecture of Europe, America, and various European colonies at various periods during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, characterized by the introduction and widespread use of Greek orders and decorative motifs, the subordination of detail to simple, strongly geometric overall compositions, the presence of light colors or shades, frequent shallowness of relief in ornamental treatment of façades, and the absence of textural effects.
2. (sometimes cap.) the principles of the neoclassic style in art, literature, etc.
3. (sometimes cap.) any of various movements based on neoclassic principles in the arts, literature, etc., of the late 17th to mid-19th centuries.
[1890-95; NEO- + CLASSICISM]

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