/mi rab"euh luyt'/, n. Mineral.
a decahydrate form of sodium sulfate, Na2SO4·10H2O. Cf. Glauber's salt.
[1850-55; < L (sal) mirabil(is) wonderful (salt) + -ITE1]

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      a widespread sulfate mineral, hydrated sodium sulfate (Na2SO4·10H2O), that forms efflorescences and crusts, particularly in arid regions. It occurs in deposits from salt lakes, springs, and playas, especially in the winter (its solubility decreases markedly at lower temperatures). It is abundant in California, Wyoming, and other areas of the western and southwestern United States; it also occurs in Austria, Spain, abundantly in Bohemia, and in the Garabogazköl Gulf of the Caspian Sea. For detailed physical properties, see sulfate mineral (table).

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