milkweed butterfly

milkweed butterfly
[1875-80, Amer.]

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▪ insect group
      any of a group of butterflies in the brush-footed butterfly (q.v.) family, Nymphalidae (order Lepidoptera). Some authorities consider this group to be at the family level (Danaidae). The majority of species are found in both Old and New World tropics. However, some well-known members such as the monarch butterfly (q.v.) and the queen butterfly live in temperate regions. The large, colourful adults have long, usually brownish or orange wings marked by black-and-white patterns. The first pair of legs is small and not used for walking. They fly slowly and deliberately, and some, such as the monarch butterfly, migrate great distances.

      The larvae are often brightly banded or striped, with two to four pairs of fleshy projections protruding from the body. They feed chiefly on milkweed and sometimes on nightshade. These plants contain acrid, milky juices that probably make the larva and its subsequent stages distasteful to predators. This, combined with a conspicuous coloration, protects them. Many other butterflies benefit from this protection through mimicry.

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