medicine man

medicine man
1. (among North American Indians and some other aboriginal peoples) a person believed to possess magical or supernatural powers; shaman.
2. a seller of patent medicine, esp. before 1900, presenting a medicine show to attract customers.

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Priestly healer or shaman, especially among the American Indians.

The medicine man (often a woman in some societies) commonly carries a kit of objects such as feathers, stones, or hallucinogenic plants that have magical associations. The work of healing often involves the extraction
by sucking, pulling, or other means
of offending substances from the patient's body. Singing, recitation of myths, and other ceremonies often accompany the healing rite.

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also called  medicine person  or  healer 

      member of an indigenous society who is knowledgeable about the magical and chemical potencies of various substances (medicines (medicine)) and skilled in the rituals through which they are administered. The term has been used most widely in the context of American Indian cultures but is applicable to many others as well. Despite the term's nomenclature, women perform this function in many societies.

      Traditionally, medicine people are called upon to prevent or heal the physical and mental illnesses of individuals as well as the social ruptures that occur when murders and other calamitous events take place within a community. Some medicine men and women undergo rigorous initiation to gain supernormal powers, while others become experts through apprenticeships; many complete a combination of these processes.

      The medicine person commonly carries a kit of objects—feathers of particular birds, suggestively shaped or marked stones, pollen, hallucinogenic or medicinal plants, and other items—that are associated with healing. In some cases these materials are considered to have been drawn out of the body of the practitioner at his or her initiation to the healer's arts. Correspondingly, the work of healing often involves the extraction of offending substances from the patient's body by sucking, pulling, or other means. In some cases an object must be physically removed from the patient (e.g., the healer removes a projectile from a wound); in cases where the nature of the offending substance is metaphysical, however, the healing ritual focuses on achieving mental and spiritual health. In such cases a symbolic object may be “removed” from the patient by sleight of hand.

      Because traditional indigenous belief systems often attribute illness and other distressing situations to the activities of witches or sorcerers, the term witch doctor, denoting a person who diagnoses and treats such conditions, was coined by 18th-century Western observers; by the late 20th century the term was generally considered pejorative. See also shamanism.

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