/mahr"geuh/, n. Hinduism.
any of the three ways to salvation, which are those of devotion to certain gods (bhakti-marga), of study (jnana-marga), and of actions (karma-marga).
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▪ Indian religion

      in Indian religions, a path toward, or way of reaching, salvation. Hinduism articulates the following meanings: jnana-marga, the way of knowledge (study of philosophical texts and contemplation); karma-marga, the way of action (proper performance of one's religious and ethical duties); and bhakti-marga, the way of devotion and self-surrender to God. In the religious epic the Bhagavadgita, the god Krishna praises all three means but favours bhakti-marga, which was accessible to members of any class or caste.

      In Buddhism, the Eightfold Path (Sanskrit: Astangika-marga; Pali: Atthangika-magga), a doctrine taught by the Buddha in his first sermon, is a fundamental teaching. It is also called the Middle Way because it steers a course between the extremes of self-gratification and self-mortification. Those who follow the Eightfold Path are said to be freed from the suffering that is an essential part of human existence and are led ultimately to nirvana, or enlightenment.

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