/mah kee", ma-/; Fr. /mann kee"/, n., pl. maquis /-keez"/; Fr. /-kee"/.
1. the French underground movement, or Resistance, that combatted the Nazis in World War II.
2. Also called maquisard. a member of this movement.
Also, Maquis.
[1940-45; < F, special use of maquis, makis wild, bushy land < It (Corsican dial.) macchie (with F -is for -ie), pl. of macchia a thicket < L macula spot]

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plural  maquis , Italian  macchia , plural  macchie 

      a scrubland vegetation of the Mediterranean region, composed primarily of leathery, broad-leaved evergreen shrubs or small trees. Garigue, or garrigue, a poorer version of this vegetation, is found in areas with a thin, rocky soil. Maquis occurs primarily on the lower slopes of mountains bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Many of the shrubs are aromatic, such as mints, laurels, and myrtles. Olives, figs, and other small trees are scattered throughout the area and often form open forests if undisturbed by humans.

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