/lahr/, n., pl. lares /lair"eez, lay"reez/ for 1, lars for 2.
1. (cap.) Rom. Religion. any of the Lares.
2. Zool. See white-handed gibbon.
[1580-90; < L]

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▪ Roman deities

      in Roman religion, any of numerous tutelary deities. They were originally gods of the cultivated fields, worshipped by each household at the crossroads where its allotment joined those of others. Later the Lares were worshipped in the houses in association with the Penates, the gods of the storeroom (penus) and thus of the family's prosperity; the household Lar (Familiaris) was conceived as the centre of the family and of the family cult.

      Originally each household had only one Lar. It was usually represented as a youthful figure, dressed in a short tunic, holding in one hand a drinking horn, in the other a cup. Under the empire, two of these images were commonly to be found, one on each side of the central figure of the genius, of Vesta, or of some other deity. The whole group came to be called indifferently Lares or Penates. A prayer was said to the Lar every morning, and special offerings were made at family festivals.

      The public Lares belonged to the state religion. Among these were included the Lares compitales, who presided over the crossroads (compita) and the whole neighbouring district. They had a special annual festival, called the Compitalia.

      The state itself had its own Lares, called praestites, the protecting patrons and guardians of the city. They had a temple and altar on the Via Sacra and were represented as men wearing the chlamys (military cloak), carrying lances, seated, with a dog (the emblem of watchfulness) at their feet.

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