a suffix of nouns denoting esp. persons associated with a place, tribe, leader, doctrine, system, etc. (Campbellite; Israelite; laborite); minerals and fossils (ammonite; anthracite); explosives (cordite; dynamite); chemical compounds, esp. salts of acids whose names end in -ous (phosphite; sulfite); pharmaceutical and commercial products (vulcanite); a member or component of a part of the body (somite). Cf. -itis.
[ME < L -ita < Gk -ites; often directly < Gk; in some words repr. F -ite, G -it, etc. < L < Gk, as above]
a suffix forming adjectives and nouns from adjectives, and from some verbs: composite; opposite; erudite; requisite.
[ < L -itus or -itus ptp. suffix]

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