Iron Guard

Iron Guard
Iron-Guard, adj.
a Rumanian fascist party that was extremely nationalistic and anti-Semitic, eliminated after World War II.

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▪ Romanian organization
Romanian  Garda de Fier,  

      Romanian fascist organization that constituted a major social and political force between 1930 and 1941. In 1927 Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (Codreanu, Corneliu) founded the Legion of the Archangel Michael, which later became known as the Legion or Legionary Movement; it was committed to the “Christian and racial” renovation of Romania and fed on anti-Semitism and mystical nationalism. Codreanu established the Iron Guard, a military wing of the Legion, in 1930, and its name became the one commonly applied by outsiders to the movement as a whole. The Legion was dissolved by government fiat in December 1933, but it reappeared as Totul Pentru Ţară (All for the Fatherland) and flourished, with some support from King Carol II (Carol II). Suppressed again after King Carol proclaimed a personal dictatorship (1938), it was revived when the king abdicated (1940). Guardists served in Gen. Ion Antonescu's cabinets (1940–41), but the group was discredited by its failures to provide an efficient administration and to mobilize mass support for Antonescu's dictatorship. In January 1941 Antonescu used the army to crush the Guard, thereby ending its significant role in Romanian political life.

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