hawk owl

hawk owl
a gray and white diurnal owl, Surnia ulula, of northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere, resembling a hawk in appearance and actions.

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      any of numerous birds of prey of the family Strigidae (order Strigiformes).

      The northern hawk owl (Surnia ulula) is approximately 40 cm (about 16 inches) long. Its tail is long, and its wings are short and pointed like those of a hawk. The facial disk of the northern hawk owl does not extend above the eyes, and it has no ear tufts. It feeds on small mammals, birds, and insects, hunting during the day rather than at night as do other owls. The range of the northern hawk owl is over northern Europe, northern Asia, and Canada.

      Other owls called hawk owls are the New Guinea hawk owl (Uroglaux dimorpha) and about 18 species of Ninox. They are not strictly diurnal but nocturnal as well.

      The Oriental hawk owl (Ninox scutulata), about 20 cm long, ranges from Indonesia to Sri Lanka, the Himalayas, Japan, and eastern Siberia. It eats insects, small mammals, and birds. The great hawk owl (N. strenua) of southeastern Australia is much larger, about 50 cm long. It eats magpies, rabbits, rats, and possums.

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