/god"wit/, n.
any of several large, widely distributed shorebirds of the genus Limosa, as the New World L. haemastica (Hudsonian godwit), having a long bill that curves upward slightly.
[1545-55; of obscure orig.]

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 any of four species of large, long-billed shorebirds of the genus Limosa, family Scolopacidae, named for its whistling call. Godwits are generally reddish brown in summer and grayish in winter; all nest in the Northern Hemisphere. The black-tailed godwit (L. limosa), about 40 centimetres (16 inches) long including the bill, has a black-banded, white tail. The bill is long and straight. The black-tailed godwit, which breeds in Iceland and on wet plains across Eurasia, is the emblem of the Netherlands Ornithological Union. In North America a smaller form, the Hudsonian godwit (L. haemastica), declined in population from overshooting to an estimated 2,000 survivors, but it may be reviving. The other North American form, the marbled godwit (L. fedoa), with slightly upturned bill and pinkish brown underwings, is fairly common; it undergoes little seasonal colour change. Slightly smaller is the bar-tailed godwit (L. lapponica), of the Eurasian and Alaskan tundra. Some members of the subspecies L. lapponica bauri are capable of migrating nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand.

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