/glob"yeuh lin/, n. Biochem.
1. any of a group of proteins, as myosin, occurring in plant and animal tissue, insoluble in pure water but soluble in dilute salt solutions and coagulable by heat.
2. any of several groups of blood plasma proteins, divided into fractions, as alpha, beta, or gamma globulin, depending on electrophoretic mobility.
[1825-35; GLOBULE + -IN2]

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Any of a major class of proteins insoluble in pure water and soluble in dilute saline (salt) solutions.

In their natural state, the protein chain is folded into a globular form. Globulins are found in many plants, especially cereals. Globulins in animal fluids include enzymes, antibodies (the gamma globulins), lipoproteins, complement components, transport proteins, and various types of fibrous and contractile proteins.

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      one of the major classifications of proteins, which may be further divided into the euglobulins and the pseudoglobulins. The former group is insoluble in water but soluble in saline solutions and may be precipitated in water that has been half-saturated with a salt such as ammonium sulfate. The latter group is soluble in water and has properties that resemble those of the true globulins. Globulins are an important source of protein in seed plants and are found in minute amounts in cereals. Globulins found in animal fluids are enzymes, antibodies, and fibrous and contractile proteins usually contained in the blood plasma.

      Three types of globulin have been identified—alpha, beta, and gamma (gamma globulin). Alpha and beta globulins are transport proteins, serve as substrates upon which other substances are formed, and perform other diverse functions. Gamma globulins have a vital role in natural and acquired immunity to infection. See also gamma globulin.

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