established church

established church
a church that is recognized by law, and sometimes financially supported, as the official church of a nation. Also called state church. Cf. national church.

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      a church recognized by law as the official church of a state or nation and supported by civil authority. Though not strictly created by a legal contract, the legal establishment is more like a contractual entity than like anything else and, therefore, ordinarily cannot be varied or repudiated by only one party to it. The church is not free to make changes in such things as doctrine, order, or worship without the consent of the state. In accepting such obligations, the church usually, though not always, receives financial support and other special privileges.

      Among numerous examples of established churches or state religions are the following: Anglicanism in England, Lutheranism in the Scandinavian countries, Roman Catholicism in Italy and Spain, Judaism in Israel, Islām in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Buddhism in Thailand and Sikkim, and Shintō in Japan before World War II. In pluralistic societies and under modern forms of government, religious establishment has tended, on the whole, to diminish in importance.

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