electron gun

electron gun
a device consisting of the cathode ray tube, which emits electrons, and a surrounding electrostatic or electromagnetic apparatus, which controls, focuses, and accelerates the stream of electrons (electron beam).
Also called gun.

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 electrode structure that produces and may control, focus, and deflect a beam of electrons, as in a television picture tube (see figure—>), where the beam produces a visual pattern on the tube's screen. The source of the electron beam is the cathode, a flat metal support covered with oxides of barium and strontium. When heated by a coil behind the support, these oxides emit electrons, which are drawn toward a positively charged sleeve (first anode) that is contoured to allow the electron beam to flow within the inside diameter. The beam is then electrostatically constricted and collimated by a metal disk with a hole (the control electrode) before it is directed to strike a phosphor-coated screen.

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