/ef"ik/, n., pl. Efiks, (esp. collectively) Efik for 1.
1. a member of a people of southeastern Nigeria near the mouth of the Calabar River, closely related to the Ibibio.
2. the Benue-Congo language of these people.

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      people inhabiting the lower Cross River in Cross River state (Cross River), Nigeria; their dialect of Efik-Ibibio (in the Benue-Congo branch (Benue-Congo languages) of Niger-Congo languages) has become the literary language of all educated Efik-Ibibio speakers. The Efik, an offshoot of the Ibibio, migrated down the Cross River during the first half of the 17th century and founded Creek Town, Duke Town, and other settlements. Because of a European error in confusing their territory with that of the Kalabari Ijo (known as New Calabar), the Efik area became known as Old Calabar (Calabar) (see Calabar). Originally a fishing community, Old Calabar developed into a major trading centre from the 17th to the 19th century, exporting slaves and later palm oil in return for European goods. European ships had to pay a duty (comey) to Efik chiefs for the privilege of trading.

      During the 20th century a large part of the Efik population moved from the towns and settled in farming villages in the forest. The staple foods are yams and cassava, supplemented by taro, corn (maize), fruits and vegetables, and fish.

      Households formerly consisted of a man, his several wives, and their children; but polygyny has become relatively rare. Once organized according to male descent, groups of households now are formed into what is known as a House (not a structural reference), whose leader is chosen for ability rather than age. Related Houses occupy the wards into which settlements are divided.

      The obung, or chief, elected from among the heads of various Houses, traditionally exercised his authority as head of the Ekpe (Egbo), or Leopard, society. In addition to ritual propitiation of forest spirits to ensure the well-being of the community, this graded, secret male society made and enforced laws by fines, capital punishment, or boycotts; judged cases; maintained internal peace; and served as the executive government of Efik society. The Ekpe was composed of the leading men of the community, and its higher grades were open only to those who could pay the heavy entrance fees. It also functioned as a force for tribal unity, as society members from one village were accepted by members in another village. The Ekpe continues to exist, but its dominant role in legislative, judicial, and economic affairs has been taken over by the state. Its supernatural powers also have waned.

      Traditional Efik religion includes belief in a supreme creator god, ancestral and other supernatural beings, magic, sorcery, and witchcraft. Most Efik, however, are now Christians.

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