/dit"n ee/, n., pl. dittanies.
1. a Cretan plant, Origanum dictamnus, of the mint family, having spikes of purple flowers and formerly believed to have medicinal qualities.
2. Also called stone mint. a North American plant, Cunila origanoides, of the mint family, bearing clusters of purplish flowers.
3. See gas plant.
[1350-1400; ME ditane, detany < OF dita(i)n < L dictamnus, dictamnum < Gk díktamnon, perh. akin to Díkte, a mountain in Crete where the herb abounded]

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▪ plant grouping
 any of several plants: European dittany (see gas plant), Maryland dittany (Cunila origanoides), and Crete dittany (Origanum dictamnus). The last two mentioned are of the mint family (Lamiaceae), order Lamiales. C. origanoides, common in dry woodlands and prairies, was once used as a remedy for fever and snakebite. It attains heights of 30 cm (1 foot) and has mint-scented leaves and clusters of rose-purple to white, tubular flowers. It and 14 other species of Cunila are native in North and South America.

      Origanum dictamnus, related to marjoram, has white, woolly, weak stems, thick leaves, and pinkish flower clusters. It is native in Greece and is much-used in cookery.

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